Industrial Internet of Things Telecom on the Blockchain

The future is closer than you think!

The capacity of the Internet of Things Market will be 85 billion devices and 2,490 bn $ in the whole world by 2025. Do you want to invest in Your Future and touch those billions?



2,893,300 I2437,000,000 I2
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IIoT Services for the World community

Smart Parking

Book a free parking space through mobile app!

Smart Trash Cans

Urban services see overflowing trash containers on Google Maps

Smart Lightings

Turns on depending on weather conditions or as directed by Operator

Smart Crop Irrigations

The farmer sees dry soil plots on Google Maps and watering only them

Smart Improvement the Livestock Population

The farmer knows that the cow is "ready" to reproduce via What's UP

Smart Storage of Crops

The farmer sees the rot of the crop on the warehouse map and can iterate them

Smart House Management

The management house company can instantly collect indication of electricity, gas and water meters.

Instant Metering of Water Consumption

Instant Metering of Electricity

Instant Accounting of Gas Consumption

Advantages for the Investor

Simple Services

Our services are simple and benefits are clear to any person/company. To connect them do not need programmers and engineers. Just buy a ready kit and install.

Own Currency I2 Coins

To pay for the Industrial Internet of things Services our Clients will use our I2 CryptoCoins. They will buy them on the crypto currency exchange. Investors will sell.

Endless Market

The capacity of the market of the Internet of things at the end of 2025 – 85 billion devices worldwide. So the growth potential is just limitless at the moment.

I2 CryptoCoins Grow with the Company

Our company receives the payment in I2 Coins. Accordingly, we are most interested in the growth of the cost of our currency. Due to the huge number of the connected IIoT devices, it will be the high turnover and the rising cost of our I2 CryptoCoins.

The Lifelong Payment of Remuneration

We pay lifetime compensation to any person in I2 Cryptocoins, which led the Client to our IIoT Platform. The remuneration is paid in the amount of 5% of monthly Customer payments and to pay as long as the Customer pays for the service.

Additional Profit

Want more and you feel the energy? Buy exclusive franchise of our company on the region/city and directly affect to the revenue. The franchise can be resold to third parties subject.

The advantage of the IIoT Telecom
on the IIoT Services market

Open IIoT Platform

Own develop IIoT Platform based on Blockchain, highly scalable, open and ready to build an ecosystem for industry partners.

Complete Decentralization Solution

Using the third-party platforms for decentralization IIoT Platform (EOS or SONM) and cryptocurrency transaction with the ERC-20 technology.

The Development of the Network through Franchising

The franchise model is successfully applied to many enterprises. This model is revenue sharing with franchisees will make a maximum speed and minimum cost to reach a wide audience.

LoRaWaN Technology

An open Protocol that allows you to produce energy efficient devices and LoRaWAN sensors for the Internet of things. Cheaper than 3G/4G and perspective 5G networks.

Low Cost and High Speed of the Network Deployment

In comparison with similar solutions, than need a modernization of the 3G/4G cellular network to represent the services from the Internet of things from the traditional Telecom operators (NB technologies-IoT, NB-CIoT and LTE-M)

Own Development

We manufacture our own base station LoRaWAN and sensors LoRaWAN for the Industrial Internet of things. So we can control the quality and provide minimum prices.

The plan of tokens distribution
and bonuses on the ICO

I2 token distribution

Total: 500,000,000 I2 tokens


1 I2 token = 0,1 USD

Pre-ICO Bonuses

You can get 50% discount
when buy I2 tokens

ICO Bonuses on the first 30 days

the first ten-day period - bonus 30%   

the second ten-day period  - bonus 20%   

the third ten-day period  - bonus 10%   

ICO Bonuses on the next 31 days

10% OFF for purchase from $900 to $3,000.

20% OFF for purchase from $3,001 to $9,999.

And 30% OFF when buying
in the amount of $10,000.

Release of funds

The distribution of investments,



The team is formed


The beginning of the IIoT Platform development.


Began to design LoRaWAN devices on the Semtech chip.

The IIoT Platform structure.

Developed the visualization modules and DataBus bus.


Developed alpha version of the Platform IIoT.

Developed prototypes of the LoRaWAN base stations and LoRaWAN modems.

Start designing prototypes.



Produce some prototypes LoRaWAN base stations on the Semtech chip.

Revision alpha version IIoT Platform


Testing the prototypes of LoRaWAN base stations.

Testing of prototypes in conjunction with the IIoT Platform.

Develop the beta version of the IIoT Platform.


Public release of the Platform IIoT.

Completion by results of testing base stations LoRaWAN.


The launch of the pilot areas of the project. Bug fixes, revision of systems.

Development of prototypes of sensors for agriculture, etc.


Launch of the franchise

Launch the industrial production of LoRaWAN devices.


Testing prototypes sensors for smart Parking, smart lighting, and sensors for agriculture.

Active promotion the company in the global market.


Develop the company and achieving the goals.


Ivan Petek



20+ implemented IoT projects for the enterprises

10 yrs in IIoT

18 yrs of software & hardware

development & architecture business  

МВА: London School of Economics

Franc Novak


Co-founder, project Architect

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

ex  СТО at Academa

50+ implemented IT & IoT projects   

23 yrs of software & hardware

development & architecture


Peter Tomažič


MBA: SDA Bocconi School of Management

finance expert

Anton Korošec


Ex Marketing Director at Actual IT


Marko Hočevar

Lead Developer

Lead Developer

Blockchain expert

10 yrs in cryptography

C++,  JS, JSON, Ruby, Solidity

data scientist

algorithm development

Peter Knez


Lead Developer

C++,  PHP, JS, SQL, Bash, Python

Jožef Korošec

Lead Hardware

Lead hardware & microcode Developer,


ASM, C++

Faculty for electrical engineering - Ljubljana

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Electrical Engineering - Telecommunications


Luca Kavčič

Event Manager

Event manager & office fairy

Sudheer Kumar

Blockchain Evangelist

Smart Contract Developer

Evgeniy Eremin

Lead Developer

Lead Developer

Blockchain expert,

10+ blockchain projects participant


Warren Whitlock


Warren Whitlock is a Blockchain Influencer and Advisor, Digital business development strategist. In 2008, he wrote the first book about Twitter and Mobile Marketing, and the best selling “Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games.” He is the host of Social Media Radio and speaks frequently about social media marketing, online publicity and marketing, social networking and building lifetime value for rapid growth. He was also named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013.


Business Plan




Manufacturers Partners of IIoT sensors

About the Internet of things

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